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We have established Pain Protocols for every phase of your pets care

Pre-Anesthetic Protocols: that provide Pre-emptive Control of Pain.

The earlier their pain is treated; the sooner the patient's well-being and more normal homeostasis can be established. 

The use of preemptive techniques to treat pain generally reduces drug dosages and amounts of drugs required to maintain analgesia (Block the Pain).

Perioperative pain management Protocols: that provide pain control during a procedure

Constant rate infusions: of medication that block pain and protect against chronic pain

Local anesthetic: Line blocks for large incisions, small growths or skin masses

Carpal blocks, Testicular blocks and Dental blocks

pain score

Postoperative pain management Protocols: That provide pain control after a procedure. Injection given after a procedure to stop pain

We use a modified Acute Pain Scale from 0-4 levels to assess patients post-operatively and adjust medication accordingly

We use continue constant rate infusions and/or give morphine or buprenorphine as needed

Both dogs and cats go home on medication to continue pain control at home.

Our Practice Team Members Are Trained to Identify the Causes of Pains, and in the use of Medications and Methods to Control Pain.



Medical Pain protocols: that all include pain medications and prevention for the chronic pain seen most often in our practice.

Ear infections, Lumbar problems (back pain) Arthritis, Dental disease and Terminal conditions