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Adult Stage

Your Adult Stage Pet is now fully developed physically.  During this period, we focus on maintaining general health and weight control.   This is the time of life when your pet is at its peak and is the opportune time to establish what is normal for your particular animal.  The best thing you can do for your pet is to perform the following preventative medicine:

Adult Stage

  • Biannual Physical Exam:  This allows small problems to be identified before they become big problems.  Any medical or behavioral concerns you may have will also be discussed.
  • Vaccinations:  We will discuss those that are appropriate and when to give them.
  • Heartworm Prevention:  We will discuss appropriate prevention.
  • Dental Care:  We will discuss your pet's dental condition and make recommendations as indicated.
  • Blood Work and Urinalysis:  We recommend when and what lab work be performed as your pet enters the Adult Life Stage.  This helps to detect problems not evident on physical exam and provides a baseline for what is normal for your pet as it ages.