Sunnyside Pet Healthcare Center

47-04 Greenpoint Ave
Sunnyside, NY 11104


Our Team


Our Staff


Hi, I’m Gissel:

I’ve been in Sunnyside for 10+ years.

 I have a wonderful pup named Louis the Great,

which I rescued 2 years ago. I am the office manager and

I can’t see myself doing anything else.



Hi, my name is Michele:

I have been with Sunnyside since 2001.

 I started out as a groomer and since moved

on to a Veterinarian Assistant. I have loved taking 

care of animals since I was a little girl & still enjoy it today!



Hi, my name is Abigail:

I am a Veterinarian

Assistant. Before joining the team in 2009,

I volunteered as a groomer’s assistant in my home

country, Philippines. My passion for

animals extends from having

parents that are Marine Biologists. I decided to

pursue domestic animal care to apply the values

I learned from growing up in a nature environment.



Hi, I’m Johanna:

I’m currently working

my way into Veterinary medicine hoping to

 become a veterinarian for exotic animals.

I love being around animals and taking

 nice pictures of every animal I meet.

I love going to zoos, aquariums and museums

to learn more about different species

and their environments


Hi, my name is Ayleen:

I am passionate about

helping animals. I started as a Receptionist,

and I’m currently a Veterinarian Assistant. I’m enrolled

in Laguardia Community College’s

Vet Tech program. I am very fortunate to have

opened my home to 13 four legged babies and

a Snake



Hi, I’m Shakiya:

I am the Head Receptionist

and I’ve worked in SAC for 2 ½ years. I recently

moved from DC to NY to continue my studies at

Queens College. I love playing with

our office cat, SQUINTY. My greatest joy is

 helping our kittens find homes through

our adoption program.



Hello my name is Kristian:

I've been in the medical field for almost 7 years.

I started at an Internist office when

 I first moved from

 Buffalo. Since then I’ve moved on and

fallen head over heels for animals.

I never thought I'd end up at a

Vet's Office, but I'm glad I did.

Now I finally have a little one and his name is JerryCat.